COVID-19 Information for Performers and Guests. 

As we all know the past year has been a challenge for events like ours, and we are taking precautions to keep this event as safe as possible. If you have any questions regarding the guidelines below please email us at If you are not willing to comply with these guidelines, we ask that you wait to perform in or attend our next event instead. 


  • Performers this year must be a student at Buttercup Pole Dance.

  • The number of performers will be greatly limited from years past, and must wear a mask when not on the stage. ​

  • Group performances will be permitted, but the number of dancers on stage at one time must stay 4 or less. You may have more if they are OFF the stage (using another apparatus, etc).

  • We are accepting sling, silks, lyra, and pole dancers.

  • Poles will be cleaned in between each performer.


  • Seating this year will be limited to 4 person tables. We will not offer standing room or open seating. The number of guests permitted will also be less than 50% our standard capacity. 

  • When we are sold out that is final, there will not be any added door seats. 

  • We ask that you keep your mask ON at all times when not seated at your table. Again, if this is not okay with you we kindly recommend attending our next show instead.

  • We will not have a bar this year, the mimosas will come to you! Each table will have its own mimosa bar to encourage butts in seats.

  • We are opening the doors 1 hour prior to the show to discourage a line at the door.

  • Sanitizer will be available at each table.