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Performer Information


Application for Bad to the Chrome 2024!:


Applications due by January 28th, 2024

Due to the amazing number of submissions we receive each year, we ask that you only apply one time. This will give more opportunities to more dancers to grace our stage. 


We Accept:

Lyra, silks, sling, pole, additonal aerial apparatuses, chair, burlesque, twerk, and variety!

Priority at our show is always given to group numbers and creative concepts. We love the energy. Pole solos will come down to a lottery system if we need to cut acts. As you know we always let in as many acts as we can within the time constraints. If you do not get in, you will be placed on an alternate list if you would like. 


What is Dirty South?!

Just like Rock N Roll, dirty south is a state of mind...a vibe, if you will. From the Miami club scene to muddin' in Ocala to the plethora of situations in which Florida men find themselves. Get creative - are you a sexy skunk ape or a disney adult. We are very open minded! Make us laugh, blow us away with your sexy side, or wow us with your strength. Bad to the Chrome has room for every style of dancer.  


What is a Pole Cleaning Solo?

A pole clean solo means you will perform on stage solo, with pole cleaners/pole techs doing their job behind you. When they are finished the stage is yours. These types of solos will run roughly 1:30. Those doing these solos should be flexible and open to freestyling the first section of their routine. A great opportunity for those new to performing, who want to do a shorter routine, but still take the stage!


The Rigging Situation:

Our ceilings are 15ft high. We have a plethora of rigging already present including slings, silks, and lyras. Please let us know if you need specialy rigging or plan on bringing your own equipment. 

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